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Welcome everyone!

So here we are on a new LJ-page, dedicated to Diane!
well, for the start, i propose you some
last news

1.Diane Keaton Will Smother Dax Shepard
Starring with Liv Tyler in new comedy
Here’s a triple casting announcement we never expected to make. Diane Keaton, Without A Paddle's Dax Shepard and Liv Tyler have all signed on to the independent film Smother.

Tim Rasmussen and director Vince Di Meglio have written the script, which sees a thirtysomething bloke (Shepard) under pressure from his wife (Tyler) to start having kids who gets no help from his overbearing mother (Keaton) when she decides to move in. We predict hilarity. Or possibly lots of

2.Some new paparazzi's pictures of Diane here and here . BTW, in last source you can join your comment to beat these stupid idiots, who abuse Diane ;)

3.If someone wants to see any videos I have (I have good collection) - just contact me or post comment below - I'll send you it by msn!

Best regards, Olya
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