weird & wild (olya_khmarenko) wrote in diane_keaton,
weird & wild

Diane Keaton Rocks Skinny Jeans at 60!

Diane again was caught by paparazzi somewhere, talking by phone and walking. "People" magazine put this picture with following comment:
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Skinny jeans are much-maligned these days as being too young, too trendy or just plain unflattering. But looking at ever-delightful Diane Keaton in her skinny blues: We think she looks fantastic! At age 60, she's still retaining all of her signature quirky style -- note the wide belt, oversize plaid coat -- but updating it with a flattering and youthful twist. When asked by PEOPLE recently how she maintains her shape, she wisecracked "I don't do anything. They slapped a girdle on me." Whatever she's doing, it's working for us. So what do you think? Now that you've seen Diane Keaton wearing skinny jeans, will you?
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